Friday, January 26, 2007

The Facts Concerning a Recent Carnival of Crime in Connecticut

This story is about a man who is anything but pleasant; who also happens to be the narrator. He was not nice to many, if not all,of his family and friends. In the beginning of the story, the narrator gets a letter that is from his Aunt Mary reporting that she was on her way to see him. The thought of his Aunt coming makes him very happy. Not soon after that, a dwarf shows up claiming to be his Conscience; a shorter version of himself. The narrator was less than happy to see is conscience, and got very irritated. In addition, his conscience gone on to remind him of all the bad things he did though out his life. In the story he eventually kills is conscience and his aunt, and proceeds to commit more killings.

This story shows what is in the mind of a very unhappy man. He commits crimes and does not think anything of it, and when he confronts his conscious; he is reminded of all the bad things he did. The point of the story to me is that we need to listen to our conscience. This story reminded me of those cartoons where somebody has a good decision, or a bad decision to make. Then all the sudden pops up the floating devil and angel and they whisper in the person’s ear what they should do. Well, in the narrator’s case he went along with the devils whispers. This man would have been a lot happier if he would have thought things through a little more. That is a good lesson for everybody to remember.

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